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This page contains links to events that are to be arranged or that have been held by members of INAS. In the latter case, the link will usually point to copies of presentation.

These are only specific INAS events. Have a look at the NFAS Conferences section for a more complete overview of conferences.

Upcoming INAS events

South Korea 2020-11-11 International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships 2020. This is the third in a series of yearly conferences on autonomous ship technology and applications. In 2020 it will be held in Ulsan, South Korea, November 11-12 2020.

Other collections of events

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Norway NFAS maintains a list of relevant international conferences in addition to own events.

Past events with presentations

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Norway 2019-11-12 INAS Workshop on testing of MASS. The day before the ICMASS Conference, we arrange a workshop between 13:00 and 16:00 at SINTEF Ocean pemises in Trondheim. Program can be found via link under flag. INAS
South Korea 2018-11-07 Workshop on test areas. An informal workshop on possible cooperation on guidelines and standards for test areas. Minutes and some presentations are available via the link. INAS
Norway 2018-05-07 Ocean Week 2018. "Ocean Change", May 7-9 2018. There have been several NFAS events during the week. Program and presentations will be found by clicking the flag. NFAS
Norway 2018-11-06 Inland waterways autonomous shipping workshop in Trondheim, November 6-7 2017. NFAS
Norway 2017-10-30 Inaugural INAS workshop, Oslo October 30th 2017. NFAS

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