International Cooperation on Autonomous Ship - Oslo, Gardermoen October 30th 2017

This workshop was called by NFAS to present international activities related to autonomous ships and to discuss the possibility for establishing the International Network for Autonomous Ships (INAS). Publicly available presentations are linked to below. The result of the workshop was the establishment of INAS.

Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, General Manager NFAS, Presentation of NFAS and international activities.

James Fanshawe CBE, Chairman UK MASRWG, UK, International Co-operation on Autonomous Ships. MASRWG perspective.

Wilko C. Bruhn, Fraunhofer CML, Hamburg, Germany, International Co-operation on Autonomous Ships. German perspective.

Peter Slaets, KU Leuven, Belgium, Autonomous ships - International network.

Leon van der Meij & Inge Willemsen, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Department of Maritime Affairs, Netherlands. Smart shipping & The Netherlands: National and international cooperation.

Hannes Lilp; Estonia. ESTONIA: International Cooperation on Autonomous Ships.

Päivi Haikkola, DIMECC, Finland. Creating Autonomous Shipping through Pilots and Experiments.

Erik I. Tvedt, Danish Maritime Authority. Autonomous ships In DENMARK.

Kwangil Lee, Korean Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU) Introduction of Korea's Autonomous Ship Projects.