Inland autonomous shipping workshop - Trondheim, November 6-7 2017.

This workshop was arranged to discuss specific challenges for inland waterways autonomous shipping in USA and Europe. It was arranged by SINTEF as part of its strategic project on autonomous ship transport systems (SATS) nad in cooperation with NFAS and the ASTAT project on autonomous ship transport on the Trondheimsfjord.


Ørnulf Jan Rødseth: SINTEF Ocean & General Manager NFAS, Norway. Introduction to Autonomous ships in Trondheim.

Jon Allan, Michael Beaulac: Michigan Office of the Great Lakes; David Naftzger, Mike Piskur: Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers; Guy Meadows: Michigan Technological University. USA. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Delegation view on autonomous shipping.

Inge Willemsen, Bart van Gent, Anja van der Sluijs: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands. The Netherlands: Inland Waterways Autonomous Shipping.

Anja van der Sluijs, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands. Smart Shipping - Technical Aspects.

Trond Langemyr, Senior adviser, Kystverket, Norway. The autonomous ship test area - legal, operational and safety issues.

Guy Meadows, PhD. Director, Great Lakes Research Center, Michigan Technological University, USA. Michigan Technological University: Great Lakers Research Center

Nils Haktor Bua, Norwegian Maritime Authority. Unmanned cargo ships and merchant shipping - legislative and safety issues