Autonomous Ships: Closing the knowledge gap

We plan to have a lunch to lunch workshop in Trondheim, Norway as part of Ocean Week 2018. Participation in this event will also give access to other Ocean Week presentations and demonstrations, among other the Ocean Robotics demo on Tuesday 8th.

The workshop will be part of Ocean week and registration will be done through those web pages. More information will follow as registration pages become available.

Tuesday May 8th 13:00 to 16:30: Autonomous ships - applications Autonomous ships have created much interest in Europe and elsewhere and it is becoming more and more obvious that these represent potential game changers in maritime and inland transport systems. This session will discuss new and emerging business cases for autonomous ships and how these will impact transport operations.

Wedneday May 9th 09:00 to 12:00: Autonomous ships - technology Autonomous ships promise to change short distance maritime and inland transport operations by, e.g. offering better competitiveness compared to trucks. This session will discuss the technology gaps that have been identified and ongoing developments to close these gaps.

Papers will be selcted based on abstracts that should be sent to the NFAS/INAS secretary, Mr. Ørnulf Jan Rødseth before December 20th 2017. Contact information can be found on the INAS and NFAS web pages.

Programme Committee

Mr. Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, SINTEF Ocean, Norway

Mr. Sture Holmstrøm, SINTEF Digital, Norway

Dr. Kwangil Lee, KMOU, Korea

Adjoining workshops and events

If there is sufficient interest, we will also arrange a meeting between governmental agencies and their authorities to discuss international cooperation in the area of legislation and testing of autonomous ships. This will be arranged by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegain Maritime Administration together with their corresponding state departments. This will likely be on Thursday 10th.

We are also planning a workshop for anyone using or operating a test areas for autonomous ships. This will probably also by on Thursday 10th and will include some presentations of the Trondheim test area infarstructure and functionality. We welcome presentations from other test areas as well.

On Wednesday afternoon 9th we plan demonstrations of autonomous vessels in the Trondheimsfjorden test area. This plan is not yet finalized and we will come back to the program later.

If there is interest, we can also arrange other visits in conjunction with the Ocean Week event, e.g. to other parts of Norway or with groups of industry. Contact us to get more information.