INAS Workshop, London, UK, Wednesday January 16th 2018

This workshop will be held the day before the UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Conference 2019 in London.

It will take place at Society of Maritime Industries, 29, Threadneedle St, London, EC2R 8AY. This is close to the Bank station. Time of meeting is from 11:00 til 16:00. Coffee and sandwich lunch will be provided. The workshop is free for registred attendants.

Workshop is only open to registered participants and has a limited number of seats. Contact Ørnulf Jan Rødseth or James Fanshawe for possibilities to attend.

The workshop is planned as a round table discussion around four themes with a short introduction on each. Tentative program is listed below.

Infrastructure in test areas: Are there commonalities we may learn from? (Ø.J.Rødseth)

State of art in autonomous ship developments? (P. Haikkola)

ESA support to autonomous ship developments (N. Angli)

Status on ISO developments on a terminology standard (Ø.J.Rødseth)