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Where de facto organisations have been established, the below table will provide a link to the web site of that organisation. Use this link to contact the organisation.

Otherwise, it will be stated that an organisation is under establishment or that some contact points from the region or country have expressed their interest in establishing an organisation. In these cases, the secretariat can put you in touch with the relevant persons.

UK Maritime UK, with UK Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group and related material.
Finland One Sea. Innovation Ecosystem for autonomous ships in the Baltic.
Norway NFAS. Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships.
ROC KAUS. Korea Autonomous and Unmanned Ship Forum. Contact is Dr. Kwangil Lee.
Germany SCAS. Systems and Components for Autonomous Ships. Contact is Dr. Rainer Henking.
USA/Great Lakes Smart Ship Coalition of the Great Lakes region. Contact is Mr. Travis White.
Canada Smart Ship Coalition of the Great Lakes region also covers part of Canada (see previous).
Denmark Fyns Maritime Klynge in Denmark is a member of INAS.
ESA Satellite for 5G initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) has also requested to be listed as members of INAS.
Belgium/Flanders Belgium (Flanders) - Contact points established.
Netherlands Netherlands - Contact points established.
Estonia Estonia - Contact points established.
China China - Contact points established.
Sweden Sweden - Contact points established.
Singapore Singapore - Contact points established.
Japan Japan - OZT study group is established. Contact Shunichiro Namikawa ( for information. The Japanese roadmap to realize autonomous ships is available here.
Australia Australia - Contact points established.

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