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This page contains links to information related to autonomous ship test areas as far as that is known to us.

Links to test area web sites

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Trondheim Trondheimsfjorden test area, Norway.
Trondheim Test arena Horten, opened October 16th 2018.
Storfjorden Storfjorden, near Ålesund, has been opened as a test area for autonomous ships (May 2017).
UK The UK has a number of test areas for autonomous surface ships. A map can be found in the MASS code of practice from MASRWG (follow link).
Finland Jaakonmeri Test Area, Finland.
Belgium/Flanders Autonomous ship tests in Belgium/Flanders. Code of conduct is pointed to below and is also available from page.
USA/Great Lakes Marine Autonomy Research Site (MARS), Great Lakes region in USA and Canada. The area is in US waters.
Germany eMir - eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform, Germany. Not specifically for autonomous ships.
Netherlands Netherlands has designated all main waterways governed by the national government, subject to relatively strict conditions (see guidelines below), as test areas for autonomous vessels. The link is to the form interested parties can fill out when applying for a permit. See below for guidelines.
Europe The European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) can be used for simulations of autonomous ships in normal ship traffic, where the normal ships can be implemented in a network of simulators. The link points to a PDF file giving an overview of the EMSN.

Test area guidelines

This is a collection of documents that refer to test area guidelines or other forms of planning for autonomous ship tests. The collection has been made by INAS and consists of documents in various degrees of completion. No warranties of any kind are made for any of the documents by INAS, by the authors or by any other party mentioned in the documents.

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INAS Voluntary guidelines suggested by INAS, version 0.2. (DOCX).
Finland MSC 99/INF.13: Establishing international test area "Jaakonmeri" for autonomous vessels. Submitted by Finland.
South Korea MSC 100/5/3: Proposals for the development of interim guidelines for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) trials. Submitted by Republic of Korea.
Norway MSC 100/5/2: Interim guidelines for MASS trials. Submitted by Norway and BIMCO.
UK Maritime UK: An Industry Code of Practice A Voluntary Code Version 2, November 2018. Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships up to 24 metres in length (HTML).
Belgium/Flanders Code of conduct for tests in Belgium/Flanders (DOCX).
Netherlands Policy rules for experiments with extensive automated navigation in state waterways (Dutch only - google translate works ok).

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